How many more summers would you be forced to sit indoors because your balcony is too hot to bear? Our misting systems for patio are a low-cost way to keep your backyard, greenhouse, patio, tent, or pet area cool.

These low-pressure mist lines are fully pre-assembled and ready to produce a fine mist to cool your room considerably on hot summer days and nights. Our patio mister kits are built to work with any normal garden hose or water faucet with a pressure of over 40 PSI to uniformly spread and spray every nozzle.

Simply connect to your garden hose or water faucet to experience a 20-degree temperature drop! The device is built with high-quality components such as brass/stainless steel nozzles (.012″), lightweight tubing, leak-proof slip lock fittings, and tube mounts that will last for years. To stop clogged nozzles, we also supply an in-line Hexa-phosphate filter.

Here are some of our best misting systems for patio:

Cool-Off Mid Pressure Misting System Kit (Stainless Steel)

Each of our mid pressure stainless steel system includes:

  • A 200 PSI Mid pressure booster pump
  • Filtration system (feeder hoses and 6 inches inline phosphate filter)
  • 25 pieces of ¼ inches nylon tubing (white or black) which can be painted to match the wall color if you like
  • 20, 30, 40, or 50 inches of stainless steel tubing
  • 0.12 inches misting nozzles
  • The package also includes all hardware needed for the installation of the system such as rubberized mounting clamps (10 – 25), elbows (2), slip-lock fittings union (1), nozzle plugs (2), compression elbow (1), end plug (1), and replacement nozzles (2).

Cool-Off Mid-Pressure Misting System Kit (Nylon)

Each of our mid pressure stainless steel system includes:

  • A 200 PSI Mid pressure booster pump
  • Filtration system
  • 0.12 inches nozzle orifice with either of our 30 inches kit (with 16 misting nozzles), 40 inches kit (with 20 misting nozzles), or 50 inches kit (24 misting nozzles)
  • A 15 inches leader line hose with 30 inches, 40 inches, and 50 inches nylon misting line
  • Complete installation pack including ¼ inches mounting clamps, nozzle plugs (2), replacement misting nozzles (2), and slip-lock end plug.

Key Features of Our Patio Misting System

This DIY Mid Pressure misting cooling device package helps the end-user to integrate additional misting fans, which appeals to many homeowners looking to mix a water mist system around the perimeter while placing trendy misting fans in the corners.

Ultra-Fine Mist

Our mid-pressure mist cooling device was created with care to complement every outdoor patio, backyard, sports area, or arena. Our misting system for patio produces an ultrafine mist that immediately cools your outdoor living space and is a perfect combination of efficiency, quality, and performance.

Premium Misting Pump

Each misting machine package includes the newest and most exciting booster pump in the misting industry, capable of powering up to 26.012″ water misting nozzles. As a result, we've developed the perfect outdoor water misting equipment for customers looking for the best performance at a low cost.

Whisper-Quiet Engine

Since many people want to use the water supply nearest to their patio, our engineers created a compact, efficient, and, most importantly, whisper-quiet misting system for patio. Each mist cooling system package includes high-end features such as an inlet solenoid valve and a low-pressure shut-off button, which are normally only seen on high-pressure pumps.

Easy Installation

Simply connect the misting water pump device and filter to your water supply and insert the nylon tubing to complete the setup. Then, using the given cutters we included in the package, cut the tubing and install our simple push-lock misting tees, using the provided cushion clamps every 3-4 feet.

We boast of having the best water cooling systems for your patio and you can contact us on 800-504-6478.



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